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Aloha, I’m Travis Rowan, a Maui based photographer and videographer specializing in architecture, interiors and hospitality photography. I produce high-quality, timeless imagery that my clients proudly use to promote their brands both online and in print. 

I utilize both natural and studio light to capture my clients’ vision in both indoor and outdoor spaces. With lighting skills and expert post-production, I personally hand craft every single image.

I also use my storytelling and marketing sense to produce exceptional video and brand films for my clients.   


I love collaborating with brands, architects and designers who are as passionate about their work as I am of mine. My long-time clients will tell you that I am reliable, professional and fun to work with. I regularly work with mainland based clients on their Hawaii projects and beyond. I am a trusted point-of-contact and collaborator.

Please contact me directly to discuss your project.

Client List:

  • Philpotts Interiors - Hawaii

  • de Reus Architects - Hawaii, Idaho

  • Bassman Blaine Home - California

  • Stephanie Brown Inc. - Canada

  • Hotel Wailea - Maui

  • Yvette Crosby Interior Design - Maui

  • Kasprzycki Designs - Maui

  • Victoria Secret - Ohio

  • Highgate Hotels - New York

  • Lisa Walsh Design - Maui

  • Maui Architectural Group - Maui

  • Kohanaiki - Big Island, Hawaii

  • HB Design - Canada

  • Tim Tattersall Design - Maui

  • SEE Arch - San Francisco

  • Bone Structure CA - Canada

  • Rixey Maui, Inc. - Maui

  • Dwelling Point Design - Maui

  • Armstrong Development - Hawaii

  • Smith Brothers Construction - Hawaii

  • HUE Interior Design - Maui

  • Todd Boyd Homes - Maui

  • Imagine-It Builders - Maui

  • Exotic Estates - Las Vegas

  • Rick Ryniak Architects - Maui

  • Studio K Designs - California

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