General Questions

Where are you based?

I'm fortunate enough to be based on the amazing island of Maui, Hawaii since 2011.

Do you travel for photography projects?

Absolutely! I regularly travel to other islands and beyond for client projects.

Do you do video?

Yes! I produce stunning videos that match the quality and style of my photographs. Video is offered both as a stand-alone project or in addition to still photography. Having both photography and video to showcase your projects can give your brand more marketing reach. Having all of your marketing materials produced by the same source will maintain a cohesive look for your brand and it's more efficent to produce.

Do you offer aerial photography and video?

Yes! Drones have a become a very useful tool that produces incredible quality and can add spectacular perspectives and storytelling possibilities. I do hold a Part 107 FAA certificate that enables me to offer commercial aerial services.

Are you licensed for aerial drone work?

Yes, I hold a Part 107 FAA Remote Pilot Certificate as well as drone specific liability insurance.


What are your rates?

I operate based on two basic fees: Creative Fee and Post Production Fees Creative Fee: This fee represents the time and skill necessary to complete the project including client meetings, shot list preparation and the actual shoot itself. Also included is my standard usage license ( editorial, trade show display, corporate collateral, social media (photo credit required), award submissions, trade publications and wall display) Post Production Fee: Following a shoot, I spend a significant amount of time editing the final images and/ or video to make them true portfolio pieces. This includes color correction, compositing and preparing the final master files for distribution. Post production often takes just as much time as the shoot itself and sometimes more.

What is cost sharing?

Cost sharing is the best way to maximize the production of a shoot and lower your cost. In many of my architectural projects there are several additional parties that could benefit from the images: Architects, Designers, Landscape Architects, Builders, Engineers, Furniture Designers, Real Estate Brokerages, Subcontractors etc. I charge a licensing fee for each additional party, then divide the total fee by the number of parties involved. This results in a huge savings for each client. Cost Sharing only works if all parties are onboard prior to the shoot.

Do you offer half-day rates?

Loading equipment, traveling to/from the project, unloading, setting up gear, setting up the shots, breakdown of gear, unloading back at the studio and downloading the images doesn't leave time to schedule another project in a day. What I can do is to photograph multiple locations for a single client in a day if the projects are within close proximity to each other.

Do you offer discount rates?

The best way to lower the cost of production is to use the Cost Sharing model highlighted above. The more parties you can get involved in the shoot, the cheaper it is for everyone.


Licensing & Usage

Who owns the images after the shoot?

All of my work is intellectual property and is registered with the US Copyright office. I retain copyright to all images both still and video. Images and video are licensed to specific clients for a specific use and duration.

Is there a standard usage license for the building industry included with your fee?

My standard license includes the following rights: Editorial, Trade Show Display, Corporate Collateral, Website, Social Media (photo credit required), Award Submissions, Trade Publications and Wall Display. This license is specifically tailored to Architects, Interior Designers, Builders and other parties specific to the building industry. It represents the most common uses of portfolio imagery for these clients. If you need more usage or an entirely different type of use, I can fashion a license specific to your needs.

How do I license images you created for another client?

Just send me an email with some project details and specifics about the image(s) you want and I'll send you an invoice, licensing info and link to the images.

Can I share the images I licensed with others, like subcontractors for them to use?

Third-Party usage is not included with our Standard license. Any other parties who would like to use the images must obtain a usage license from me in order to avoid Copyright infringement.

Can I post the licensed photos on social media?

Definitely! I want you to get as much reach for your project as possible. Social Media use is included in my standard usage license. I simply require a photo credit on all social media posts: @TravisRowanMedia